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Sporting Media designs and builds websites for Professional Athletes and Former Professional Athletes. We are passionate about sport and we understand that you need strong strategic partners with the same values, vision and desire that you have to help to achieve your online goals with the same level of success you always demand.

For professional athletes and former Professional Athletes who are highly successful in their sports, a well-designed website is now an essential marketing tool to help you communicate with and build your fan base and thereby maintain your marketing value to sponsors.

We deliver Websites for Athletes such as:-

  • PGA Tour Golfers
  • Football Players
  • Tennis Players
  • Rugby Players
  • Field and Track Athletes
  • Jockeys
  • Racing Car Drivers
  • Cricketers
  • Gymnasts

Retaining Market Value with your Sponsors

For Professional Athletes who are highly successful in their sports, a well-designed website is now an essential marketing tool to help you communicate with and build your fan base and thereby maintain your marketing value to sponsors.

We can build websites that gives fans the opportunity to:- Watch videos, sign up to newsletters, be first to know about signings and other public engagements, have first access to purchase limited edition shirts or strips and learn about what tournaments, competitions or matches that you are likely to be involved with. We can also include sections that cover your activities outside competition itself such as charitable work and community and grass-roots projects.

Your website can link with your Twitter, Facebook and other social media places so you’re always connected to your fans. Fans will be able to follow your activities online as well as on their mobile phones and if required the website can manage any official fan club you may have by way of taking membership fees, sending out automated renewal messages and sending out discount vouchers to sponsors’ online stores. By starting and maintaining meaningful online dialogues with your fan base you will continue to retain value within your online environment for your sponsors.

Promote Business Ventures

If you have a number of business ventures outside of your sport such as fashion collections then we can build sections of the website that cover these activities in detail. For those with larger business ventures such as professional golfers with golf course design businesses then we can provide the option of keeping all details within the main site or creating websites that are dedicated to certain business activities.

Sponsors want to see an official website that is cutting edge in the way that it looks so they are happy with running their ‘brand positioning’ across your media platforms. A great looking, functional website that attracts a high volume of traffic shows that you have a strong team behind you and that can greatly help your management team in securing the quality sponsorships you are looking for.

Highlight the Charities you support

You’re website is a great place to promote the charities and good causes you support. We ensure your site has the capacity to highlight events and activities that you are involved with so as to engage your fans and website visitors in contributing in some way. You will be update these activities on a regular basis and we can set up, or link to payment gateways for those who wish to make donations online.

As a guideline, according to your requirements, content sections for your website may include:-

News and Blogs

Update news and blogs with our easy-to-use content management system. You or your management team can even update news and blogs from your mobile phones. You’ll be able to decide which news and blogs items can invite comments and you can moderate comments through the administrative area.

Calendar of events

With a calendar or timetable system your website visitors can see at a glance exactly what events are scheduled for every day of every month and they can link directly from the calendar or timetable to the relevant page for that particular event. The calendar can be updated by you or your management team at any time through the content management system. The calendar could list the matches, tournaments, meetings or competitions that you are competing in as well as any of your public engagements, which you will want to tell your fans about.

Site Registration and Log-in

With this system fans can register with your website for free to get receive newsletters and emails as well as to be able to log-in to certain sections of the website

Fan Club Membership Registration

Including membership fees and renewals

Email Distribution System

That enables your management team to deliver various volumes of batch emails directly from your website or via specialist high volume email marketing providers. As well as being able to communicate with your fans, your management team will also be able to send emails to press contacts to announce press previews, issue press acreditations and announce press calls and photo opportunities.

Links to Facebook, Twitter and others

We can build social media buttons built into your site, setting up RSS news feeds from your site into various social media websites such as Facebook so that athletes are communicating with a whole range of social media websites whenever they post news on their main website. We can help you share image galleries with websites such as Flickr and set up social media pages within Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and others, thereby maximizing your reach to your fans as well as driving traffic back to your website.

Official Online Shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country and these figures are set to rise for the next 5 years so it’s essential that your online shop makes it easy for those wanting to make purchases from you. We apply the level of time and professionalism required in building your online store so that it appeals to your online buyers. Your management team will be update your shop through the content management system giving you the capability to sell merchandise including any clothing, books, dvd’s, or gift vouchers through your online shop. We can also apply special codes for any items that you may be selling where proceeds go to charities. This is just a glimpse into the type of functionality we can provide for e-commerce and for more information please click here.

Photo Galleries

We can provide numerous photo gallery styles and part of the design process will be to choose the style of photo gallery that suits you best. The photo galleries are easy for your management team to update and this is a great way to keep your web fans up-to-date on all that is happening. We can show you how to optimize your images for the web as part of your initial training so that people in your management or pr team can maintain your photo galleries.


Through the content management system you’ll be able to add videos directly to your website at any time without using Youtube or other networks or by hosting videos directly within your website.

Charity Section

Including options for fans to donate to your charities online and to participate in any fund raising events that you are involved in.

Biography and Key Achievements

We can build this section as a straight page in a news style or we can create a history chart where fans can scroll through certain dates to find images and information relating to those particular years of your career.

Advertising and Sponsor’s Logos

We can build your site in a way that creates space to run advertising and to run your sponsors’ logos that link to their own websites. If required we can swap these adverts over on a regular basis for you or even set up an advertising server that gives you or your management team the ability to manage your advertising through an easy to use control panel. We have an advertising team in house that focuses on selling adverts within sports magazines and online sports websites if required, we can sell your advertising positions for you. For more information on advertising sales please click here.

We hope this section gives you an idea of the type of content and functionality that we can build into your new website. We are always interested in hearing from clients and potential clients on what they expect and require from their websites moving forward as this is the core of our business.  If you have any questions or ideas about what we can do to enhance your online presence or for further details please get in touch.
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