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We have a dedicated sales team in house who can sell your advertising for you if required. With many years of experience selling advertising across media produced for the Rugby Football Union, The Football Association, The Lawn Tennis Association, The European PGA Tour and The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews our team is perfectly placed to sell your website advertising on your behalf.

Generating additional revenues by running Advertising on your website

Running advertising within your club website can be a great way of generating some additional revenue for your club as well as adding extra value to your club sponsorship packages. Running advertising within your club’s website isn’t right for everyone, but for those who do go ahead we understand that you will want to ensure that advertisers don’t conflict with any sponsorship arrangements that may already be in place. We use our in-house advertising sales to sell ads on a club-by-club basis. We don’t use advertising networks and that means we can ensure that your club has the right to veto any ad before its placed on your website, giving you the peace of mind to allow us to generate some additional revenue for your club.

The extra revenue from your website advertising can produce immediate cash returns on the investment of building the new site and that’s before the additional revenues from your newly boosted e-commerce activities.

If you have your own advertising sales team then we can develop your new site in a way that there are good advertising positions built into the design should you wish to place ads or sponsors logos within the site.

Setting up an Advertising Server on your website

We can set up and oversee a market-leading advertising server for your site which manages advertising campaigns, giving you the capability to swap adverts in and out of your site, spread campaigns over days or weeks and to deliver certain ads on certain days or even at certain times of the day.

The advertising server will also produce statistical analysis such as how many times adverts have been viewed so that you can meet any quota of delivered page impressions you have agreed with your advertisers and you will retain full control rights over the type of advertising that is allowed to run on your site.

If you intend running advertising within your website, now or in the future then it’s better that your main advertising spaces are planned into your website design from the start.

If you have any questions about positioning advertising slots within your website, setting up ad servers or getting us to sell advertising for your Club’s website please get in touch.
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