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Our web design work for hotels is best suited to 4-5 star properties that have a strong focus on sport, usually on golf, with a golf course or multiple courses on site. We also work to develop great looking sites for luxury hotels, including boutique hotels that are in the proximity of championship golf courses and target golf playing customers as part of their marketing plans.

Making sure your property stands out from the crowd

With a bespoke, creative approach we produce websites that showcase the individual personality of your hotel to the wider internet audience. We ensure that you stand out from the crowd!

Our focus is on building clean, functional websites that create an emotional connection between the website visitor and your property. We provide or integrate the web solutions your business requires such as market leading e-booking systems and shopping carts that drive revenues forward whilst keeping you in control of your content and most importantly, your room rates on a daily or hourly basis.

As well as producing an online ‘glossy brochure’ of your property that has the right content, structure, navigation methods and functionality, we are keen to ensure that you site gets the maximum number of target visitors and that these visitors convert to tangible revenues.

Design preparation

Research and planning your website layout is crucial. We believe that we should work through with you the individuality of your hotel, its target audience, its services and its facilities beforehand so that we can produce a website that bests reflects the character of your property with great imagery and well-structured, logical information architecture.

The Layout of your hotel’s website

There are thousands of hotel options on offer to customers for almost any travel destination. Research has shown that we have little more than 10 seconds from the time a visitor lands on your homepage, to present your value proposition and persuade them to look through your site.

Within these 10 seconds we need to grab the visitor’s attention in a way that they understand precisely what your hotel has to offer and what clientele you may appeal to. Design, imagery, positioning of information and presentation of your main message is vital. Past these 10 seconds we need to provide site viewers with fast-loading, easy-to-navigate facts and images that will be of interest to them and ultimately lead them to take action towards visiting your property.

We understand that visitors to your website arrive with their own ideas of what they are looking for. Their priority may be to visit your geographical location for business or leisure, and stay at the best located, best value and best ‘experience’ hotel that they can find. Alternatively they may be looking for a golfing break in a property that has the golf facilities they are looking for as well as the ideal hotel experience for their non-playing golf partners. One of the main functions of your site is to connect with these online searchers and convert them into paying customers.

We focus on maximizing the key focal points of your hotel, making sure your message resonates with the readers who are your target market. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for these readers to decide to choose your hotel, book sleeper nights, reserve leisure facilities or book events and functions. Naturally golf hotels can focus their websites on the golf facilities available but we work with you to ensure that your overall marketing strategy is reflected within the website. We understand that many hotels need to balance their marketing towards golfers with their messages for non-golfing partners and their marketing towards non-golfing visitors.

Maximize visual appeal with great images

Using great images and videos to present your guest rooms, your food & beverage outlets and capacities, your spa and leisure facilities, your conference and function spaces and your golf course or courses allows you to show your web viewers exactly how you can deliver on events and facilities and how you can make their hotel experience a memorable one.

A top quality set of professionally web-optimized images that do not affect the speed of your website will work to significantly increase conversion rates. We may be able to optimize your existing images and if needed, we can produce new high quality photographs of your property, royalty free. But having good images isn’t where the work stops; search engines are mostly blind to images.  Many great looking sites have navigation buttons that are actually images rather than website coding and along with Flash movie files these images cannot be read by search engines.

We design in a way that embraces multimedia to best show off your property whilst having clean, top-class code at the ‘back-end’ of your site, which enables your web pages to show up in search results when your target customers are looking for somewhere to stay.

Presenting your guest rooms online

Visitors should be able to see at a glance, the quality of your hotel rooms, this will reassure them they are making the right decision in booking their stay online via your website. We encourage you to show images of each room type so people can understand what the differences in value are.

Many hotel websites have too few images of their bedrooms and the images they have are small, blurred or distorted. Most of the time the reasons are the lack of good pictures to start with, the original photographer failing to release image rights or the inability to optimize images for the web. Many hotels are still using poor scans of print originals. It’s amazing that very often hotel operators spend millions on a property but allocate no budget whatsoever towards taking good pictures of it. We must get this right; bigger and better images increase conversion rates of web visitors to paying guests.

Online Hotel Booking System

It’s vital that your site has an integrated online booking system that is easy to use, fast, stable and capable of handling any volumes of bookings without difficulties. Your website is your most important and most profitable booking channel and as such, the booking process should be as quick, easy and seamless as possible to maximise conversions.

As well has having your own booking engine within your site you’ll want to be able to upload your remaining room inventory to multiple distribution channels without having to upload to each channel separately. The state-of-the-art booking engines we deploy manage all this and more for you and for more detail covering online booking systems please click here.

Calls to Action

Wherever visitors may be within your site, we should make it easy for them to take actions such as emailing you, calling you, checking availability, making bookings and finding directions. These action buttons provide seamless paths to converting web visitors into paying customers and we take a great deal of time and attention to ensure their prominent positions with your website design.

Golf Facilities

We ensure that your golf facilities are presented in the best possible way, providing golfers with the full details about your course including:- scorecards, playing times, handicap requirements, course types, changing facilities, pro-shop opening times, any golf academy or golf practise facilities and details on how to book lessons with your golf professional.

It’s essential that we have a selection of highest quality images to include within this section and if required we can arrange to have photographs taken for you. For more information on how we can present your golf facilities please take a look at our section on web design for golf courses here and our golf course website checklist here. If you don’t have a golf course on site but are marketing to golfers then we can ensure that the courses nearest to you, or those you have an affiliation with, are listed on your website together with directions and any booking requirements they may have such as minimum handicaps and dress codes.

Golf Tee-off Times Booking Engine

We can integrate any of the top online golf booking systems into your website which will greatly improve the ability to drive new golfers to your hotel’s golf course as well as give you the ability to manage the distribution of your tee-times to third party golf booking websites. Golf booking engines can be custom built, but it’s cheaper and far more effective to bring in the market leading software, which can either be cut into your web pages or can open up in a new window with the same look and feel of your own site so that it’s obvious that the booking engine is for your hotel’s golf course.

The vast majority of golf booking engines do not connect with hotel booking engines and as such there will be a separate booking process involved for your online customers but we will work to ensure that this is as seamless as possible for them. For the record the golf booking engines that do connect directly with your hotel booking engines will normally try to sell you expensive PMS hardware and software as well, which may not necessarily be what your looking for. We have a selection of market-leading booking systems to choose from but if you already have a tee-time booking system we can in most cases, integrate this into your new website.

Online golf shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country and this is set to rise substantially over the next few years so it’s essential to be able to support your golf business with a fully functional, easy to update, well presented, secure online golf shopping system.

Customers will want the opportunity to purchase not only golf equipment and clothing but also hotel memorabilia, gift vouchers for golf lessons and gift vouchers for playing times on your course. We have a number of e-commerce options for you to choose from, some of which integrate with back-office systems and others provide full-blown e-commerce solutions with order tracking, staged fulfillment and automated stock control if needed. We can build in the e-commerce system you choose or it may be possible to  integrate your existing e-commerce system within your new website.

The type of functionality you’ll get from a full e-commerce system includes:-

Easy to update product items listing
Easy to change pricing
Special Promotions and Voucher Codes
Digital and Printed Gift Vouchers for lessons or tee-times
Variable pricing and discounts for club members
Auction System to allow your club to sell certain memorabilia and other products or experiences normally to raise money for good causes
Full stock control and real time integration with EPOS and other offline warehouse systems
Order tracking system for customers to view online
Options for customers to choose priority mailing/delivery
Options for customers to select gift wrapping
Specialist personalised golf club sports shirt ordering systems
Returns system if required
Product feeds to shopping portals such as Amazon
Multilingual Shopping Checkout Systems
Integration with all major secure payment gateways
Specialised tracking system to see visitors’ habits as they enter your online shop

Conference & Banqueting and Exhibitions

We can build into your website everything that your customers would need to know about your conference & banqueting facilities together with type of exhibitions you are able to host. If required we can lay out your capacities and the break-downs of your spaces and configurations room by room and detail the range of packages you offer to give your customers logical presentations of the information they require in order to make booking decisions. Most organisers value effective smooth hotel management as much as the facilities themselves and it’s important we reflect this by ensuring that this section is fully comprehensive it its detail, contains plenty of images, includes phone contacts of your event coordinators and is concise, up-to-date and extremely well presented.

Food and Beverage

We spend the time to ensure that the quality and variety of your hotels food and beverage experiences are reflected within your website. It’s always good to highlight the cafes, bars, brasseries or restaurants that are on site together with images and sample menus from each outlet and to show examples of your banqueting and events menu options if you provide these services.

Naturally the focus on food varies between properties and if your main restaurant is holding Michelin Stars or had ambitions towards awards of this nature then we will make sure to spend the extra time needed to prominently feature your style of cooking and ensure that it becomes one of the main themes of your website. With our easy-to-use content management system you’ll be able to change menus and prices as often as you like, announce culinary evenings, tasting menus, affording Chef the opportunity to explain the origin of ingredients and the personality and style of cooking being presented.


If your hotel has a gym, pool, spa or therapy treatment rooms then it’s no doubt that you will have invested heavily in to have these facilities in house. We can ensure that your website helps maximize your return on investment in this area with high quality, informative and entertaining presentations that will drive room revenues, increase customer spend and support any well-being businesses that may be operating from your property. If you run a health club within your hotel that is open to non-residents then it may be worth investing in a separate website or micro-site for your members that links to your hotel website.

Weddings and Occasions

For those properties in the weddings and occasions market it’s essential that we present as much information as possible to your potential customers or their event planners. This ranges from wedding breakfast menus to table configurations, options for marquee extensions to your property, break-out rooms, table decorations, bridal suites, in-house and locally sourced wedding services, and especially a selection of images of the best ‘photo-opportunities’ at the property. Many hotels like to offer wedding checklists and if required we can build these into your site setting up user accounts for customers with wedding checklists that they can update as they get closer towards their big day.

Photo Galleries

It’s surprising how much conversion rates improve when hotels add galleries of good quality images to their websites. Your new site can host as many images as you like. These images should sit alongside the text of each section of your site but should also be stored in an image gallery that is just one click away from any web page within your site. With our content management systems you will be able to add or change pictures easily at any time and as part of your online marketing strategy you may want to be using these same images with your hotel’s Facebook and Flickr accounts.

Hotel Videos and Digital Hotel Brochures

Your new website has the ability to host internet videos and if you have up-to-date videos of your hotel they can be used provided that they are streamed and optimised accordingly. Your site is built in a way that makes it easy for you to remove or add videos at any time and if needed we can stream and optimize videos for you. If you have PDF format hotel brochures then we can either convert them in a way that allows your customers to flick through the pages online or we just make the PDF’s downloadable from your website.

News and Offers

We develop websites with world leading content management systems, giving you maximum control over your website’s text and images and all times. Members of your team can update your site at any time, from wherever you may be in the world giving you the capability of delivering news and offers to your website visitors at any time. You can set different administrative rights for different people and with version control you can be confident that if any page within your site is changed in error then you can simply roll-back to an earlier version of that page. In today’s digital market engaging with your customers is absolutely essential and updating your website regularly with news and offers is a great foundation for engagement.

Contact Details, Maps and Directions

One of the worst errors hotels make when building their websites is not to have their telephone number on the site. We believe it essential that people can call you regardless of whether they can email you or book on line. As well as adding location maps to your site we build contact forms that send messages directly to an email address of your choosing.

Accessibility and Privacy

It’s important that your website’s accessibility and privacy policies are present and easy to link to. We have a selection of standard accessibility and privacy policy templates for you to choose from if you don’t have your own and if you are collecting email addresses then it’s important that your site adheres to the relevant data protection laws.

Social Media buttons

With more people than ever before planning their leisure and business stays based on what they read online, Social Media is now a hugely important part of hotel internet marketing. Most hotel web designs are now integrating Social Media buttons as part of the hotel web design and we encourage you to set up and more importantly, regularly maintain Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social media accounts. Social Media buttons should sit in prominent positions on your site, usually in the footer, in the top right hand corner or down the side of the site so that they appear on all pages.

Digital Marketing for Hotels

In today’s fiercely competitive travel market your business needs effective website marketing to maximise your room occupancy rates, your room rates and your spend per head. From SEO to social media, Link Building, Content Updating, Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Campaign Management, we can provide a variety of website marketing services to improve your property’s sales and profitability. For more information on our website marketing service please visit the relevant pages from the Website Marketing section in the main navigation menu at the top of the page or click here for an introduction.

We hope that this introduction and checklist helps you to start thinking of the type of content and functionality you require to best represent your hotel on the web. For more details on internet booking engines and hotel website marketing please scroll through the pages via the main drop-down menu above and if you have any questions or to find out more about our web design services for hotels, please get in touch.
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