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A Booking Engine within your website maximizes your profitability. Your website is your most important and most profitable booking channel and as such, the booking process should be as quick, easy and seamless as possible to maximise conversions. We work with some the hotel industries most robust and cutting-edge online Booking Engines to ensure your customers can book rooms and add-on packages, via payment gateways they know and trust, at any time and from your own website.

It’s vital that your site has an integrated online booking system that is easy to use, fast, stable and capable of handling any volumes of bookings without difficulties. The booking process should take as few steps as possible and should include options to add on extra items such as champagne and flowers easily at the point of booking. The booking section of your site should also contain your booking policy, cancellation policy and full terms and conditions and your marketing strategy may demand multiple language and currency options.

Custom Built Booking Engines v Integration with major market leading Booking Engines

Though booking engines can be custom built, it’s cheaper and far more effective to buy in the software. Some of the top systems integrate into your web pages while others open up in a new window with the same look and feel of your own site so that it’s obvious that the booking engine is for your hotel. Either system works fine but it’s vital that you choose the booking engine software that gives the right options for you.

We can custom build simple booking engines for small hotels of less than 20 rooms but in reality you’re always better off using specialist booking engines because the people that build these engines dedicate their careers to producing and continually improving effective, fast, customer retaining and revenue generating booking systems that increase your bottom line no matter how many rooms your property has.

Choosing the right Hotel Internet Booking System for your business

There are plenty of booking engines to choose from, some being ‘transactional based’, some ‘licensed base’ and some that simply take a commission on the value of the bookings taken.

Transactional based booking engines may be cost effective for smaller properties but for larger operations they usually become expensive. Licensed systems and commission based systems need to be considered on a case by case basis.

Unless you have multiple properties, it’s essential that the booking engine you choose to sit on your own website doesn’t provide links to other hotels that the booking engine also serves when your customers are deciding to book with you.

Other major considerations are:-

  • How well your booking engine helps you to distribute your unsold inventory across multiple sales channels, ideally at the click of a button.
  • Some of the largest booking engines will have their own hotel booking websites which you can utilize as an additional sales channel.
  • Some of the very best booking engines will provide very high quality, specialist SEO services within the packages that they offer.
  • Some of the booking engines will insist that you purchase their own PMS system software and hardware! Whereas these systems may be great, it seems to be a massive expense if all you are looking for is to take bookings online.

We recommend some of the very best booking engines on the market, based on our experience in the market. These are software companies who we work with and who’s systems are well-known to us.

If you already have a booking engine that you want to retain we can, in most cases, seamlessly integrate this into your new website with the same style and colour system as your new website design.

With the booking technology now available you can integrate your online bookings with your Hotel PMS (without purchasing new Hotel PMS hardware or software!), feed your inventory globally in real time via GDS and easily manage your inventory sales across third party booking websites & travel agents without having to update each third party booking website and travel agent separately.

There are many booking engines to choose from, the best ones make it easy for you to create hotel packages, to deal with multiple bookings and to offer add-ons before the final sale such champagne or spa treatments vouchers all in a way that is really easy so that there are still only between three and five clicks to checkout.

If your booking engine seems slow or out of date then we can help you narrow down your choice of a new one, integrate it into your website, populate it with images and details of all the rooms you have to sell and support you on an ongoing basis or at least until you become familiar with the system.

If you have any questions or to find out more about how we can integrate online booking systems into your hotel’s website, please get in touch.
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