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We provide a full digital marketing service for hotels and golf resorts and for hotels that market to the golfing audience. Our services include SEO, Search Engine Registration, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Social Websites Management, SEO of on ongoing content updates and month by month website marketing and promotion including Social Media and E-mail Marketing Campaigns. In this section we highlight issues most relevant to your new website and for further information on our digital marketing services please visit our ‘digital marketing’ section via the main navigation menu.

Search Engine Optimisation

With 23 billion monthly UK internet searches, Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of the web design process rather than something that is thought about after a site is built.

There are no quick fixes to somehow get your site to the top of search engine results. We implement content management systems that are proven to be search engine friendly. These content management systems provide html code structures which make it easy for search engines to see.

As well as using meta-tags, key words, good descriptions of all images and relevant headings text, we understand that one of the most significant keys to high rankings with the search engines is great and relevant content, with regular updates.

Content really is king: We recommend that you keep a dedicated news/press-release section within your hotel’s site that brings customers up-to-date with events and packages available and helps promote your site with the search engines.

Our digital marketing service helps our customers think like Google so that being found through searches is built into your strategy from the start.

With your search strategy is in place then this is just the beginning of effective website marketing, being findable via the search engines is an ongoing process and essential part of your daily digital marketing routine.

Multilingual Options and International SEO

We can create multiple language versions of your site if required, using trusted translation contractors.

We do not recommend using translation software as we feel this could lead to parts of your products and services being misinterpreted or lost in translation.

International SEO is a highly specialised activity and for those international properties that require it, we have a top rated international SEO partner with offices across the world, who focuses on the key words and social media that are most relevant to the language of each country and is familiar with the most popular search engines in the world’s biggest markets.

Digital Marketing

You may have a great looking website but if people can’t find your hotel when searching online then your investment has been wasted.

The most common reason that visitors fail to land on your site is because you turn up on something like the 10th page of Google when people search against relevant key words or phrases. The most common search words are ‘hotel’ and ‘the destination’ (town or city name). The worst thing of all is when you’re searching for a particular hotel name and even that isn’t on the first 3 pages of Google.

Many hotel websites, even those from large hotel chains were built pre-2009 on old technology, some still run on ‘tables’ that slow the site down, some lack any form of correct headings structure that search engines look for and most have content that isn’t updated often enough.

Using the right technology, site structure, navigation methods and a search engine-friendly content management platform are the essentials we start from but once these are in place it doesn’t mean that visitors will suddenly turn up on your site.

As well as the crucial role of monitoring website traffic and conversion rates, there is a whole list of online marketing activities that need to be maintained on a daily basis. For example having a set of high quality inward links is essential for hotel marketing as is using Google Places where your listing should be updated regularly with coupon codes, current packages on offer, restaurant menus, customer testimonials and pictures and videos of your hotel.

To read more on marketing please see our website marketing section in the main navigation bar at the top of the page.

We can assist in setting up a range of digital marketing activities including Social Media that increase your brand equity by driving traffic to your website. If needed, we can maintain these activities for you on an ongoing basis for a competitive monthly rate freeing you up to focus on running your property.

If you have any questions or to find out more about the digital marketing services we can provide for your hotel please get in touch.
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