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We are web developers and publishers with a passion and understanding of sport from the grass roots to the biggest sporting events in the world and we develop websites for Gyms and Health Clubs  in ways that are creative and functional to greatly assist you in encouraging and inspiring customers in becoming active and healthy.

Putting you in control of your web content

Our websites for Gyms and Health Clubs are built on word-class ‘open source’ content management systems (CMS), which are free of licensing fees and are not reliant on third parties in any way. This enables us to provide you with powerful functionality whilst keeping costs right down.

We build the content management system (CMS) into your site giving you the ability to control, update or change any part of your site, at any time. We build calendars, timetables, shops and membership systems  into your site that are easy for you to alter or update. We also provide training so that you and key members of your team will be able to add sections, change prices and write news and blogs from any computer, anywhere. You’ll even be able to update your site from your mobile phone. With the ability to continually update your site’s content you have the opportunity to open and maintain meaningful dialogues with your site visitors and your members, giving you the golden opportunity to build your business by interacting with the people that matter most to you.

Depending on your requirements here is a checklist of the type of content and functionality we can deliver for your website:

Separate details for each club within the chain

If you have a number of clubs then we can build your website in a way that each club has its own section with details such as classes, staff, facilities, opening times that are specific to each particular venue.

Online Form to Apply for a Free Guest Pass

We create the online forms that you need such as a free guest pass form or a form to book a tour of the club and with a world-class content management system built into your site you’ll be able to create or adjust online forms at any time.

Venue Locator

Let your web visitors find a club near them from a drop down menu or by entering your post code. If required we can also build in a map system. If you add new venues to your group then you can ensure that these new venues automatically become part of the drop-down, post-code or map search results.

Join Online

Online membership system where your customers can:-

Choose which club they want to join from a drop down menu or by entering your post code to find a club near you
Chose the duration of their membership based on the options and costs you offer
Choose the type of membership such as peak, off-peak, weekend
Add any other packages such as kick-start programmes, class passes, or personal trainer package
Use any voucher codes you have issued for special discounts
Pay online via market leader payment gateways such as Worldpay and Paypal

Membership Details

Membership Benefits, Membership Types, Corporate Memberships, Cancellation Process, Membership Offers, FAQ’s


List your facilities gym by gym including details of access to other gyms within the group for members.

Add administrative rights

You can give administrative rights over certain sections of your website so that it is managed and updated by certain members of your team with the security of knowing that they can only change the sections of the site you give them administrative rights over

Activities Calendar

With a calendar or timetable system your members and gym visitors can see at a glance exactly what classes are scheduled for every day of every month and they can link directly from the calendar or timetable to the relevant page for that particular class. The calendar can be updated by your team at any time through the content management system.

Group Classes

Customers like to know details of all classes and with a world-class content management system built into your website you will be able to add and update details on all your classes including any video led workouts from sports star or fitness stars, which are exclusive to your group.

Fitness Tips, News and Blogs

With a world-class content management system built into your website you will be able to add regular content such as fitness tips and news. Content can be specific to individual gyms or relevant to everyone. You can even update news and blogs from your mobile phones. You’ll be able to decide which news and blogs items can invite comments and you can mange comments administration and moderation through the administrative area.

Staff and Personal Trainers

Here you can add staff profiles and personal trainer profiles including images if required.

Nutritionists based at the Gym

You can feature the Nutritionists who are based at your gym, with details about the times that they are available for consultations.

Sports Therapy

You can feature the Sports Therapists who are based at your gym, with details about the times that they are available for consultations.

Company Info

About us, Press Office, Careers, Investor Relations

Email Distribution System

That enables you to deliver various volumes of batch emails directly from your website or via specialist high volume email marketing providers. As well as being able to communicate with your members, you will also be able to send emails to press contacts to announce press releases and to make general announcements to employees.

Online Shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country and these figures are set to rise over the next five years. We apply the level of time and professionalism required in building your online store so that it appeals to your online buyers. You will be update your shop through the content management system giving you the capability to sell merchandise including any gym wear, fitness books, fitness DVD’s, fitness accessories or gift vouchers. You’ll also be able to offer discounts and sell short-term trail gym memberships.

In most cases a simple checkout system may be all that is required but for those with larger online retailing targets we deploy Magento, one of the world’s fastest growing, most stable and most functional e-commerce solutions. Magento is used by some of the world’s biggest retailers and more details on Magento and our e-commerce solutions can be seen here.

We hope that this helps you to start thinking of the type of content and functionality you may require to best represent your Gym or Health Club business on the web. We are always interested in hearing from clients and potential clients on what they expect and require from their websites moving forward as this is the core of our business. If you have any questions or to find out more about any of our services, please get in touch.
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