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In this section we highlight some of the key content and functionality we can provide when we build websites for Spa and Retreat Businesses. We hope this helps when you’re thinking about the type of content and functionality that you require within your own website.

Putting you in control of your web content

Our websites for Spa and Retreats are built on word-class ‘open source’ content management systems (CMS), which are free of licensing fees and are not reliant on third parties in any way. This enables us to provide you with powerful functionality whilst keeping costs right down.

We build the content management system (CMS) into your site giving you the ability to control, update or change any part of your site, at any time. We build activity and session calendars as well as shops and booking systems into your site that are easy for you to alter or update. We provide training so that you and key members of your team will be able to add sections, change prices and write news and blogs from any computer, anywhere. You’ll even be able to update your site from your mobile phone.

Making sure your Spa or Retreat stands out from the crowd

We produce exciting, bespoke, creatively designed websites that showcase the individual personality of your spa or retreat. We ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Our focus is on building clean, functional websites that create an emotional connection between the website visitor and your property & spa experiences.

We provide the web solutions your business requires such as the booking systems and shopping carts that drive revenues forward whilst keeping you in control of your content and most importantly, your rates and the packages you offer. As well as producing an online ‘glossy brochure’ of your property and spa experiences that has the right content, structure, navigation methods and functionality, we are keen to ensure that you site gets the maximum number of target visitors and that these visitors convert to tangible revenues.

Design preparation

Research and planning your website layout is crucial. We believe that we should work with you to understand the individuality of your Spa or Retreat, to understand your target audience and your services and facilities, so that we can produce a website that bests reflects the character of your property, with great imagery and well-structured, logical information architecture.

Maximising visual appeal with great images

Using great images and videos to present your property, your therapies, your leisure facilities, your rooms and your food & beverage outlets allows you to show your web viewers exactly how you can make their experience with you a memorable one. A top quality set of professionally web-optimized images that do not affect the speed of your website will work to significantly increase conversion rates. We may be able to optimize your existing images and if needed, we can produce new high quality photographs of your property.

But having good images isn’t where the work stops; search engines are in the main, blind to images.Many great looking sites have navigation buttons that are actually images and along with Flash movie files these images cannot be read by search engines. We design in a way that embraces multimedia to best show off your property whilst having the clean, top-class code at the ‘back-end’ of your site that enables your web pages to show up in search results.

Presenting your guest rooms online

If you have a Retreat then your website visitors should be able to see at a glance, the quality of your guest rooms as this will reassure them they are making the right decision in booking their stay online via your website. We encourage you to show images of each room type so people can understand what the differences in value are. It’s amazing that some Retreats and Spas spend millions on a property but allocate no budget whatsoever towards taking good pictures of it. We must get this right; bigger and better images increase conversion rates of web visitors to paying guests.

Online Booking Systems for Guest Rooms and for Spa Bookings

It’s vital that your site has an integrated online booking system that is easy to use, fast, stable and capable of handling any volumes of bookings without difficulties. Where required, we can build your website with spa booking systems as well as with guest room booking systems.

Your website is your most important and most profitable booking channel and as such, the booking process should be as quick, easy and seamless as possible to maximize conversions. Though booking engines can be custom built, it’s usually cheaper and far more effective to buy in the software, which can either be integrated into your web pages or can open up in a new window with the same look and feel of your own site so that it’s obvious that the booking engine is for your spa or retreat.

There are plenty of booking engines to choose from but unless you have multiple properties, it’s essential that the booking engine you choose to sit within your own website doesn’t provide links to other spas and retreats that the booking engine also serves. If you already have a third party online booking system we can seamlessly integrate this into your new website with the same style and colour system as your new website. Alternatively we can suggest new market leading ‘transaction based’,  ‘licensed based’  or ‘commission based’ booking systems that allow you to take bookings directly from your site whilst at the same time managing your third party distribution channels centrally at the click of a button.

For those with residential guest rooms the booking technology now available can integrate your online bookings with your in-house PMS, feed your inventory globally in real time, via GDS, and easily manage your inventory sales across third party booking websites and travel agents without having to update each third party booking website separately. There are many booking engines to choose from, the best ones make it easy for you to create packages, to deal with multiple bookings and to offer add-ons before the final sale such champagne or treatments vouchers all in a way that is really easy so that there are still only between three and five clicks to checkout. If your current booking engine seems out of date then we can help you narrow down your choice of a new one.

Calls to Action

Wherever visitors are within your site, we should make it easy for them to take actions such as emailing you, calling you, checking availability, making bookings and finding directions. These action buttons provide seamless paths to converting web visitors into paying customers and we take a great deal of time and attention to ensure their prominent positions with your website design.

Facilities, Treatments, Courses and Prices

We dedicate a section of your site to the listing and updating of courses you run such Fitness Camps, Detoxification Camps, Yoga Retreat Breaks and Eco Retreat Breaks as well as featuring the facilities available such as Jacuzzis, Heat and Steam Rooms, Sleep Retreats, Sound Wave Therapy Beds, Atrium Pools, Exercise Pools and Poolside Cafes and Juice Bars. We also list the treatments available such as Facials & Skin Treatments, Rejuvenation Treatments, Health Massage, Cellulite & Body Contouring, Body Treatments, Pedicure & Manicure, Laser Skin Treatments, Waxing and Tanning. We build websites with world-class content management systems making it easy for you to change prices and packages at any time.

Online Shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country and these figures are set to rise for the next five years. We apply the level of time and professionalism required in building your online store so that it appeals to online buyers, compliments your brand and help grow solid online revenues.

As well as integrating high end shopping systems we champion Open Source systems that are free and extremely well built. These really are the next generation of e-commerce software and we build your online shop in a style that fits in with the products you sell such as Home Spa products, Skin Care, Lip Plumps, Lip Balms, Anti-Ageing products, Hydration products, Body Lotions and other Body-Enhancing products. You will also be able to sell gift vouchers for days spent at the Spa or Retreat as well as digital gift vouchers that can be spend at your online shop.

In most cases a simple checkout system may be all that is required but for those with larger online retailing targets we deploy Magento, one of the world’s fastest growing, most stable and most functional e-commerce solutions. Magento is used by some of the world’s biggest retailers and more details on Magento and our e-commerce solutions can be seen here.

Food and Beverage

The quality of food and drink is of great importance to customers who intend visiting Retreats and Spas and as such we pay a great of attention to ensuring that this part of your website is as detailed as possible. We can highlight any cafes, restaurants and bars at your premises, produce menus that can be downloaded as PDF’s, allocate sections that talk about the nutritional values of the foods that you provide and show a selection of images of the dishes on your menu.

For Retreats we will also focus on the breakfast menu in depth so that people can see the variety, quality, and nutritional value of the food they can expect when staying with you and with a world-class content management system built into your website you will be able to focus on details such as strict food and juice plans during health and detox programmes.

Photo Galleries

It’s surprising how conversion rates improve when Spas and Retreats add galleries of good quality images to their websites. Your new site can host as many images as you like. These images should sit alongside the text of each section of your site but should also be stored in an image gallery that is just one click away from any web page within your site. With our content management systems you will be able to add or change pictures easily at any time and as part of your online marketing strategy you may want to be using these same images with your Facebook and Flickr accounts.

News and Offers

We develop websites with world leading content management systems giving you maximum control over your website’s text and images.Members of your team can update your site at any time, from wherever you may be in the world giving you the capability of delivering news and offers to your website visitors at any time. You can set different administrative rights for different people and with version control you can be confident that if any page within your site is changed in error then you can simply roll-back to an earlier version of that page.

Videos and Digital Brochures

Your new website has the ability to host internet videos and if you have up-to-date videos of your property and therapies they can be used provided that they are streamed and optimized accordingly. Your site is built in a way that makes it easy for you to remove or add videos at any time and if needed we can stream and optimize videos for you. If you have PDF format brochures then we can either convert them in a way that allows your customers to flick through the pages online or just make the PDF’s downloadable.

Contact Details, Maps and Directions

One of the worst errors some venues make when building their websites is not to have their telephone number on the site. We believe it essential that people can call you regardless of whether they can email you or book on line. As well as adding location maps to your site we build contact forms that send messages directly to an email address of your choosing.

Policies and Medical Information

This is a section in which you can publish your etiquette rules, policies and medical information that may be especially relevant for those with allergies, injuries, medical conditions, skin complaints or infections.

Accessibility and Privacy

It’s important that your website’s accessibility and privacy policies are present and easy to link to. We have a standard of accessibility and privacy policy templates for you to choose from if you don’t have your own and if you are collecting email addresses then it’s important that your site adheres to the relevant data protection laws.

Social Media buttons

With more people than ever before planning their leisure and business stays based on what they read online, Social Media is now a hugely important part of hotel internet marketing. Most modern websites are now integrating Social Media buttons as part of the design and we encourage you to set up and more importantly, regularly maintain Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and other social media accounts. Social Media buttons should sit in prominent positions on your site, usually in the footer, in the top right hand corner or down the side of the site so that they appear on all pages.

We hope that this section helps you to start thinking of the type of content and functionality you require to best represent your Spa or Retreat business on the web. We are always interested in hearing from clients and potential clients on what they expect and require from their websites moving forward as this is the core of our business.  If you have any questions or ideas about what we can do to enhance your online presence or for further details please get in touch.If you have any questions or to find out more about any of our services, please get in touch.
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