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Sporting Media designs & builds bespoke websites for water recreation businesses. The websites that we build are designed to appeal directly to your target audiences, based on the brief you give us and the ideas we submit to you.  We ensure that you can open and maintain meaningful dialogue with your customers and potential customers by providing you with the ability to manage and update your web content, news and events sections and membership areas on a regular basis.

Growing your Water Recreation Business

We live in a society with now places a much greater focus on the ‘experience economy’ where people are as happy to pay for services and experiences as they are for material goods. Water recreation often takes place on publicly owned land such as National Parks, the Crown Estate, National Trust Estates and the Forestry Commission and the value now being placed of water recreation activities by local and national governments and the increase in demand from those looking to enjoy these activities means that it’s never been a better time to grow your business.

We can help by providing cutting-edge websites that appeal to your target markets, are easy to update and provide you with the internet technology you need to improve efficiency and profits. With a cutting-edge website that you control we give you the capacity to grow your business by increasing visitors to your website and converting these visitors into paying customers.

We understand that as well as requiring information on courses, events and activities many of your target customers will have key concerns such as the cleanliness of coastal and inland waterways and your sensitivity to the preservation of the natural coastal and inland water resources so that they are comfortable that their activities do not contribute to degradation of natural resources. We build your site in a way that you can keep people fully updated on these and all other relevant matters whilst at the same time helping to drive customers to your business or organisation.

The way we do this is to base your website on a powerful, but easy to use content management system which enables you to update your site at any time by giving certain members of your team administrative rights over certain sections of the website.

The type of water recreation businesses that we design websites for are:-

  • Recreational Canoeing
  • Recreational Rowing
  • Surfing
  • Wind surfing
  • Kite surfing
  • Rowing and dragon boats
  • Dinghy sailing
  • Canal Cruising and Narrow Boat Inland Cruising
  • Water skiing and wakeboarding
  • Personal watercraft Jet skis
  • Sub Aqua
  • Coarse fishing on rivers, canals and enclosed waters
  • Game fishing on fast flowing rivers
  • Sea angling from shore or boat

Subject to your exact requirements, here is a list of the type of content and functionality we can deliver within your new website:-


Everything people will want to know about your water recreation business or organisation, its structure, management, location and contact details and how to get involved.

News and Blogs

The latest news including notices, bulletins, reports, blogs, newsletters and any of your official magazines that can be ordered or downloaded online. You’ll be able to decide which news and blogs items can invite comments and you can mange comments administration and moderation through the administrative area. You’ll be able to update to your news and blogs at any time, from any location, even from your mobile phone.

Water Recreation Events, Competitions, Lessons and Courses Calendar

The Courses, Activities, Competitions and Events Calendar is a great tool to help sell your business to your online audience. With an online calendar system your website visitors can see at a glance exactly what courses and events are scheduled for every day of every month and they can link directly from the calendar to the relevant page for that particular course or event. This calendar can be updated by you at any time through the content management system.

Online Shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country. We apply the level of time and professionalism required in building your online store in a way that best appeals to these shoppers in order to help grow solid revenues for your business or organisation. If you have official merchandise for your recreation, event, organisation or club then this is fantastic way to maximize your income. Depending on your requirements you may just need a simple check-out system but for those with larger e-commerce targets please click here for more details on e-commerce platforms we can build into your new website.

Equipment and Boat Hire

If you hire out equipment or boats then you can add a section alongside your shop that details the specifications of the equipment available, together with the hire costs and deposits and we can build in the ability for people to book equipment and pay deposits online within your shopping system.


If you sell insurance for specialist water recreation activities then you may want to have a section dedicated to this within your website

Gift Vouchers

Give your website visitors the ability to gift purchase vouchers online for lessons or activity experiences. By filling in an online form, gift vouchers can be personalised, delivered by PDF or post and you can even provide options on box presentations for those buying experiences as gifts for their family or friends.

Courses and Lessons

You can add the breakdown of all courses and lessons together with the details needed to apply, the ability to apply online, the cost and any details on what minimum requirements are required for attendance.

Member’s Area, Membership Fees and Membership Directory

We can set this up in a way that members add their own directory listings which are then send to you for approval before going live on the website. The directory listings can be open to anyone or password protected so that the listings can only be viewed by other members. We give you the ability to collect membership fees online and send out automatic membership renewal notices.

Facilities Guide

Full details on your facilities and venue where applicable including content such as details of any sheltered lakes, changing areas, hot showers, play and picnic areas, decking areas, Wi-Fi access, club house and refreshments on site, response boats, wakeboard towers, wake wedge systems, slalom courses, wakeboard sliders and kickers, jump ramps, slipways and jet ski parking ramps.

Corporate Activities and Bookings

Through the content management system you can list and provide a breakdown of corporate activities together with weekend itineraries, full-day or half-day itineraries, accommodation options and price packages and you can change the prices or the packages at any time.

Activities for Schools and Students

An introduction to the type of packages you can put-together for school, college and university requirements, including price-structures, details of all your courses and policies and the ratios requirements of instructors to attendees.

Activity Breaks

Advertise your activity break packages here including any deals you have for local accommodation, especially accommodation that is ‘friendly’ towards those needing to store canoes, small boats and other water recreation items.

Overseas Water Recreation Holidays and Schools

Promote and overseas holidays or residential schools you are organising.

Servicing and Parts

Details of any parts and maintenance services you may provide for equipment, jet skis or boats together with who to contact.

Diving Qualification Cards

If you are qualified to issue them, universally acceptable diving cards can be sold online through your website. We can create online PDF forms which your customers will need to have completed by their Branch Diving Officer, Lead or Centre Instructor to verify and endorse the training received before you produce the diving cards on their behalf.

Live Weather Check

Including Pressure Charts, Wave Charts, Sea Temperature, Satellite Charts and Wind Charts and links to weather cams and surf reports where required.

Water Quality Guides

Including links to the Environment Agency’s River Quality Maps.

Club or Venue Finder

If you have multiple venues or you run a national organisation around your activity then you’ll want your customers to be able to find clubs and venues near to them. We can implement ‘drop-down’ searches, alphabetical searches or map based searches and if you add a new venue or club at any time your new entries will automatically appear in all search results.

Product and Equipment Reviews

These can be regularly updated by you with content provided by the manufactures. It’s a great way for your website to give its visitors the most up-to-date information of what’s new in the market and it’s a great way of driving your online shop revenue.

Scouts and Guides Days

Many water recreation activities can appeal to the Scouts and Guides market and it may be worth you having a section dedicated to this part of your business or organisation.

Water Routes and Suggested Tour Itineraries

Ideal for recreational canoeing, rowing and canal cruising.

Results of Events and Competitions

If required your new website can include relevant event results and league tables which members of your team can update on a regular basis.

Tutorial Guides

You may wish to publish online guides to help your participants in learning the basics techniques required for your recreational activities. The content management system will enable you to edit this section and to include images and any video tutorials you may have.

Safety Matters

Safety tips for participants and their non-active friends and families who get near to water, policy statements, notices on hypothermia and cold-shock, how to stay healthy in water during long distance swimming, understanding the danger of moving waters and currents, dealing with cramps, responsibility statements and limited liability statements.

Water Access and the Law

You may wish to keep your website users up-to-date on any matters regarding access to local rivers and lakes as well as any relevant details on the outdoor access code in Scotland and the ‘right to roam’ and ‘river access’ codes in England and Wales.

Send reminders via SMS Texts and Emails

With our content management system you are able to send reminders to your customers or service users via SMS text messages and emails.

Coaching and Leadership Development

We can create a whole section to feature the coaching and leadership development you facilitate. This could include details on Academies, Education, Skills, Development Clubs, Courses, Coaching Courses and Qualifications as well as resources for Learning, and resources for Coaches.

Instructor Profiles

Online listing of your instructors and their qualifications and experience which can be updated by you at any time

Day Tickets and Club/Syndicate Membership Schemes for Anglers
Day Trip Packages

Through the content management system you can build your own boat trip itineraries and pricing packages to follow the best current fishing reports in your area.


Current vacancies including volunteer vacancies and any calls for event volunteers.

Photo Galleries

We can provide numerous photo gallery styles and part of the design process will be to choose the style of photo gallery that suits you best. The photo galleries are easy to update and this is a great way to keep your service users up to date on all that is happening. We can show you how to optimise your images for the web as part of your initial training so that people in your organisation can maintain your photo galleries.


Through the content management system you’ll be able to add videos directly to your website at any time without using Youtube or other networks. For those organisations that need to deliver delayed or live videos to a high volume of traffic we can implement a word-leading system that will allow you to deliver live video streaming to very high volumes of viewers across a whole range of web platforms.

Disabled Activities Section

If you have activities and courses specifically designed for disabled people then we can build an additional section in your website to promote these

Anti Doping Rules

For those who wish to enter competitions of any kind

Community Forums

Add a top quality forum to your website that your team can moderate.

Social Network Links

Your website can contain links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and other Social Media Sites. We can give you the ability to update your social media sites from your mobile phone and to run these social media updates live on your website simultaneously.

Quick Polls

You can engage your visitors with tools for creating, adding and monitoring instant polls anywhere on your website.

We hope this section gives you an idea of the type of content and functionality that we can build into your new website. We are dedicated to ensure that your new site covers every aspect of your Water Recreation business and if you have any questions about any aspect of web functionality or design or to find out more then please get in touch.
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