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Sporting Media designs and builds exceptional, stylish, bespoke websites for your Yachts & Motor Yachts business. In an industry where image, cachet and design are everything, it’s essential to have a web development partner who not only provided you with the functionality your website requires but does so with an incredible eye for style and detail. As a team who is passionate about sailing, so much so that one of us has competed in the round the world yacht race, we spend the time and give the dedication required to go that extra mile and produce websites that are as individual as your brand.

We build websites for those building, marketing or distributing:-

  • Classic Sailing Yachts
  • Small and Medium Size Motor Yachts
  • Race Sailing Yachts
  • Racing Powerboats
  • Catamarans
  • Custom Yachts
  • Semi-custom Yachts
  • Luxury Superyachts
  • Yacht Interiors
  • Mega Yacht and Giga Yachts
  • Concept Yachts

Our Approach

With over 20yrs of experience in marketing, we are passionate about Sports and Recreation and have the ability to deliver unique, impressive and engaging websites that create emotional connections between your website visitors and your Yachts in ways that helps turn site visitors into interested customers. We take the time to understand your brand and it’s positioning within the market to ensure the creation of beautiful, user centric web designs that reflect the quality of craftsmanship you champion in the designing and building of your Yachts. If your company’s purpose is the pursuit of timeless design perfection then we will deliver your passion and beauty online in a style that fits precisely with what your brand stands for and in a presentation method that suits your exact requirements.

Working within your brief

Based on your detailed brief we work closely with you to produce a variety of creative design layouts produced by award winning graphic designers before the web development process begins to ensure that you are happy with our ideas about how your online environment should look. We work to your exact brand specifications and if required we can produce sketches, workbooks, colour palettes and house style templates around the final designs so that there are complete online guidelines for your brand.

Maximizing visual appeal with great images

Using great images and videos to present your brand allows you to show your web viewers the unique qualities and experiences they can enjoy when purchasing each specific model that you have on the market. A top quality set of professionally web-optimised images that do not affect the speed of your website, will work to significantly increase conversion rates. We work with the imagery you provide and if required we can offer professional re-touching services and as well as photography services, including commissioning experienced fashion and product photographers with published work in relevant mainstream media.

But having good images isn’t where the work stops; search engines are mostly blind to images. Many great looking sites have navigation buttons that are actually images and along with Flash movie files these images cannot be read by search engines. We design in a way that embraces multimedia to best show off your property whilst having the clean, top-class code at the ‘back-end’ of your site that enables your web pages to show up in search results.

Online Features of each Model you build

We ensure that your products dominate the design with great imagery and detailed product specifications and descriptions. We can build superb photo gallery effects into your site in a way that doesn’t slow down the site visit experience. If you need your audience to experience your brand and brand messaging above and beyond traditional web publishing then we can integrate sophisticated marketing-leading solutions where the user can interact and explore your brand products with colour changers, 3-dimensional imagery click-through and other interactivity.

World-class Content Management Systems

With World-class content management systems we provide you with the capability to update your site on a regular basis. You will be able to add news items, announce events, add dealers’ details, manage and run a ‘pre-owned’ section, update details on all existing models and add new models when they are released into the market. You’ll even be able to update your website from your mobile phone.

Videos and Digital Brochures

Your new website has the ability to host internet videos and if you have up-to-date videos of your Yachts & Power Boats they can be used provided that they are streamed and optimized accordingly. Your site is built in a way that makes it easy for you to remove or add videos at any time and if needed we can stream and optimize videos for you. If you have PDF format brochures then we can either convert them in a way that allows your customers to flick through the pages online or just make the PDF’s downloadable in their original form.

Driving Visitors to your Website

As well as producing an online ‘glossy brochure’ of your Yachts & Power Boats that has the right content, structure, navigation methods and functionality, we are keen to ensure that you site gets the maximum number of target visitors and that these visitors convert to tangible revenues. We build your site in a way that is search-engine friendly and we adopt the full extent of design methodology required to ensure maximum ‘organic search’ success.

Search Engine Optimisation

With 23 billion monthly UK internet searches, Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of the web design process rather than something that is thought about after a site is built. There are no quick fixes to somehow get your site to the top of search engine results. We implement content management systems that are proven to be search engine friendly. These content management systems provide html code structures which make it easy for search engines to see. As well as using meta-tags, key words, good descriptions of all images and relevant headings text, we understand that one of the keys to high rankings with the search engines is great relevant content, with regular updates.

Content really is king: We recommend that you keep a dedicated news/press-release section within your site that brings customers up-to-date with events and packages available and helps promote your site with the search engines. Our digital marketing service helps our customers think like Google so that being found through searches is built into your strategy from the start. With your search strategy is in place then this is just the start, being findable via the search engines is an ongoing process and essential part of your digital marketing. For more details on our digital marketing services please visit our website marketing sections via  the main navigation at the top of the site.

Multilingual Options and International SEO

We can create multiple language versions of your site if required, using trusted translation contractors or using your own translated text written by your country offices. We do not use translation software as we feel this could lead to parts of your products and services being misinterpreted or lost in translation. International SEO is a highly specialised activity and for those international properties that require it, we can work with our top rated international SEO partner who focuses on the key words and social media that are most relevant to the languages of particular countries and are familiar with the most popular search engines, country by country.

Online Shop

For major brands an online shop can be a great way to generate additional income through selling back issues of your brand’s Magazine as well as branded items such Clothing, Accessories including caps, key rings and scarves and branded On-board Items such as crockery and entertainment equipment. We champion Open Source e-commerce systems that are free and extremely well built as well as Magento, the world’s fastest growing, most stable and most functional online shopping platform for those who have large online retailing targets. Built on World-class content management systems you can easily add and remove shop items, change prices, offer gift vouchers and run promotions from within your e-commerce platform.  These really are the next generation of ecommerce software applications.  The larger online shopping systems we utilise have features that include: –

Easy to update product items listing
Easy to change pricing
Special Promotions and Voucher Codes
Digital and Printed Gift Vouchers
Variable pricing and discounts for certain users
Auction System to allow your club to sell certain memorabilia and other products or experiences normally to raise money for good causes
Full stock control and real time integration with EPOS and other offline warehouse systems
Order tracking system for customers to view online
Options for customers to choose priority mailing/delivery
Options for customers to select gift wrapping
Specialist personalised sports shirt ordering systems
Returns system if required
Product feeds to shopping portals such as Amazon
Multilingual Shopping Checkout Systems
Integration with all major secure payment gateways
Specialised tracking system to see visitors’ habits as they enter your online shop

For many, a simple checkout system with a small number of products featured is all that in needed but for those with larger e-commerce targets and multiple websites please click here to read more about the e-commerce solutions we provide.

According to your requirements content sections for your website may include:-

Dealer and Services Network

Dealers and Services Locator
Demo Days Calendar
Interior Fitters Locator

News and Blogs

Update news and blogs with our easy to use content management system. You or your management team can even update news and blogs from your mobile phones and you’ll be able to decide which news and blogs items can invite comments and you can mange comments administration and moderation through the administrative area.

Site Registration and Log-in

With this system customers and potential customers can register with your website for free to get receive newsletters and emails as well as to be able to log-in to certain sections of the website that you may provide to dealers or distributors.

Boats Shows and Events

Updates of all Boat Shows and Events that you are involved with. Updates can be on global shows and events or can be split if you have country specific websites.

Online Owners Club

Let customers make new contacts through the secure online member directory, give customers the ability to exchange boats for mutually convenient periods, let customers receive digital copies of your official magazine, news and events for members, preferential rates at exclusive venues across the world.

Pre-owned Listings

Pre-owned yachts or power boats especially selected by your dealers worldwide and organised according to type, length and shipyard where they were created.

Corporate Information

Company Profile
History of the Company and Brand
Investor Relations
Contact Details

Online Contact Forms

Including requests for printed brochures or call backs

Company History and Time-Line of Milestones

Interactive Tour of your Company’s History including timelines, pictures and videos that celebrate your heritage of craftsmanship and your pursuit of design excellence as well as accentuating the solid foundations from which your newest work has evolved.

Email Distribution System

That enables your management team to deliver various volumes of batch emails directly from your website or via specialist high volume email marketing providers. As well as being able to communicate with your fans, your management team will also be able to send emails to press contacts to announce press previews, issue press accreditations and announce press calls and photo opportunities.

Links to Facebook, Twitter and others

We can build social media buttons built into your site, setting up RSS news feeds from your site into various social media websites such as Facebook so that you or your academy are communicating with a whole range of social media websites whenever they post news on their main website. We can help you share image galleries with websites such as Flickr and set up social media pages for your company within Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and others, including any Invitation Only Networks; thereby maximizing your reach to all as well as driving traffic back to your website.

Media Centre

Press Copy
Image Gallery
Password Protected Press Area
Video Gallery
Press Area Access Request Form

Quick Polls

You can engage your visitors with tools for creating, adding and monitoring instant polls anywhere on your website.

We hope this section gives you an idea of the type of content and functionality that we can build into your new website, subject to your exact requirements. We are dedicated to ensuring that your online presence is as unique as your own product is and that we will work with you to create a website that best reflects your brand identity whilst at the same time truly engages with your target audiences.  If you have any questions about any aspect of web design or website marketing for your Yachts/Motor Boats brand or distribution business then please get in touch.
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