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Our web designs services are for both state-run and independent/private schools across the UK.  We are dedicated to producing highly effective websites that look great, showcase your school in the best possible light, deliver valuable content and news information, integrate with your e-learning systems and provide you with effective and time saving methods of communication.

Functionality we provide for your website

If your school has a strong focus on sport & winning and a comprehensive list of physical activities for your pupils then a website that lists and helps manage your forthcoming sports events, extra curriculum training sessions and school-led recreation clubs could prove invaluable. Sporting Media can build an entire new school website for you at a cost effective rate with powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows you to manage your sports activities and gives you the ability to manage the separate requirements of each each of your school’s teaching departments,  including their ongoing integrating with your e-learning platforms.

With our websites you will be able to update sports fixtures and results, manage sports event calendars, list team selections and celebrate sporting achievements. Sports aside, with the full content management system that we implement you will have control over all content within your site and you’ll be able to allocate different administrative rights to different colleagues so that your site can be continually updated. You’ll have the capacity to make school announcements, run news blogs, set password protected areas and manage activity schedules for all departments at the click of the mouse.

Depending on your requirements and whether your school is private or state run, the functionality and content sections that we can provide within your website includes:

Prospectus Request Form

We can set up a prospectus request form that will send you the parents details direct to your email so that you can post a prospectus out (or email a PDF version) together with your covering letter and invitation to any open days that may be arranged. Alternatively we can set up the website so that parents can download a PDF version of your prospectus directly from the site.

Department Listings

A breakdown of each department, a short profile of the head of each department and what type of learning outcomes can be expected within each subject.

School Fees and School Fee Protection Insurance

Including term fees breakdown for all schools and details on how to apply for fees assistance as well as any details you have on recommended fee protection policies.

Term dates and Curricula

For your Junior, Senior and Sixth Form Schools.

Admissions Process

Full details on the application process, lead times and all other information your school presents on admissions

Headmaster/Headmistress Blog

That can be updated from any computer at any time or even from your mobile phone. You’ll be able to decide which blogs items can invite comments, if any, and you can mange comments administration and moderation through the administrative area.

Online Video Presentations

The website content management system gives you the ability to post video presentations of your school. Some schools make use of this function to show their main video presentations of the Junior, Senior and Six Form schools.

School News Sections

With the content management system your site can impress with a regular news section which various members of your staff can update as often as you like from any computer or even from their mobile phones.

Governing Body Members and Staff Member Profiles

We will set up a section within your site to list your schools governing bodies and if required we can set up profiles of school governors and of your staff members for which can then updated when required.

School Dairy of Main Events and Main Sporting Events Dates

This can take the form of a calendar or a series of calendars that can be updated where events are listed within that particular day. Each listing within the calendar links to the news page or section of your site that highlights the particular event.

Policy Documents

Parents can download PDF versions of your policy documents such as the Local Authority Safeguarding Children Board Policies for your school. Alternatively they can fill out Policy Document Request Forms.

Public Exam Results by Subject

If required we can set up an exam results section in the form of a table template which you can then update when necessary.

Password Protected Parents Section

Parts of the website can be password protected and this is perfect for parents’ sections.

Lunch Menus that can be updated at any time

Parts of the website can be password protected and this is perfect for parents’ sections

Other Information Pages

You can add information pages at any time. For example, Transport Information, announcements on any changes of staff or any community schemes the school may be participating in

Parent’s Association including Second Hand Uniform Shop

With your new website you have the capacity to engage more regularly with parents and parent’s associations may wish to have their own section to the website which may be password protected and allows them to talk about activities and events that are being organised. For Parent’s Associations that run second hand uniform sales then we can build a small online shopping system where uniforms that are of good standard can be sold using the usual main payment gateways such as Paypal and Worldpay.

Sell school play and school concert tickets online

If required, we can set up a system for selling tickets to school plays and school concerts through the website. You’ll be able to change prices and any time, add events and take payments through the usual main payment gateways such as Paypal and Worldpay.

School Publications

You may have books published by your school departments which are available for purchase and we can set up a simple shopping cart system which will enable you to sell these online through the usual payment gateways such as Paypal and Wordpay. We give you the option to sell books in PDF or in traditional print format.

Extra Curriculum Activities, Peer Support Schemes and School Trips

You may wish to have a section separate to your news area in which you can highlight extra curriculum activities that pupils can take up, highlight peer supports schemes and other initiatives that are running and promote forthcoming school trips.


Including who to contact, career update forms, reunions and events.

Charity Status of the School

Including your Fundraising Standards and your membership of the Fundraising Standard Board where applicable. We can set up an online donation system or set up links to any third party donation systems you may be using.

Content Management and Welsh/English Languages

We build your website in a way that gives you the ability to update your information as often as you need. If you’re running a Welsh/English dual language site then you will need to update both your Welsh and English versions. We can provide a full Welsh Translation service if required but we do not recommend an automated translation system.


For those private schools catering to international students we can built sites in multiple languages where required. It is possible to run automated translation systems and we can install these for you but we don’t recommend them.

Recycling Schemes

You can set up and manage your school’s recycling schemes such as ink cartridge recycling directly from your website. You can add postal addresses, update users on all those engaged in the scheme and produce data on recycling volumes achieved so that those using the service and participating organisations can see the difference that these schemes are making.

Internet Learning System

Our innovative learning system enables you to provide students with online access to many of the courses taught at your School. Your pupils will be able to log in via a membership login both at school and at home to learn, revise and extend their interest in a subject, reading through as many detailed course notes as your provide and viewing any video tutorials that your staff team produce.


Our websites conform to the published guidelines regarding WCAG 1.0 Level-AA Accessibility as expected of all government websites in the UK as of April 2011. With this standard on quality web programming then users can make text bigger in their web browsers, magnify the screen, improve the visibility of the mouse pointer, change text and background colours automatically through the browser to suit needs, add style sheets with web browsers to make pages easier to see and set up systems that enable your computer to talk to you.

We hope this checklist helps you to consider the individual requirements for your own website. For further information or to hear more about what we can do to make a huge difference as to how your School or College is presented on the Internet then please get in touch.
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