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Sporting Media works intensely to multiply your website investments by creating an online presence that captivates volunteers, service users and philanthropists in a way that compel them to act. We want you to be able to do more than ever. By leveraging the power of social media, online donation systems and tools like content management systems we are able to create the awareness our clients, and their cause, deserve. In this section we highlight some of the key points relevant when building websites for Sports Trusts, Sports Charities and Young People’s Sports Groups. We hope this helps when you’re thinking about the type of content and functionality that you require within your own website and if you have any questions at any time please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Building websites for Sports Trusts and Sports Charities

For Sports Trusts and Sports Charities we can give you a web presence that best reflects your ethos and function.

If you are an over-arching trust then we can sure that your member organisations are served with everything they expect from you in an organised and effective manner.

For local and regional sports trusts we build websites that service your communities by delivering informative that is constantly up-to-date on the facilities and activities available in your area including centre timetables, activity timetable, full contact details and any pricing structures.

We can set up directories of facilities available to certain groups as well as setting up development academy sections within your site for those wishing to pursue sports to a high level. In all our work we help you ensure that your trust’s services and facilities are accessible to everyone in your community.

There is so much we can do turn your website into a powerful marketing and management tool and we really look forward to hearing from you and finding out your requirements and targets.

Building websites for Young People

Sport can help reduce crime, improve educational outputs, engage with hard to reach groups, bring communities together and make us all healthy, fit and happy.

We can build websites for those organisations primarily concerned with young people and the opportunities available for them to participate, not just in physical education and sport in schools, but also in their local communities.

We have consultants who been involved in helping to run young people’s charities and peer-led projects and as such we have an understanding of the types of media communications best suited to these age-groups and the processes involved in helping users participating in the development their own services.

Our designers are able to work with you in capturing your ideas and bringing them to life to produce web sites that best reflects your group or organisation and appeals to your targeted service users.

Here are some of the types of functionality we can provide for your website, depending on whether you are a young people’s sports group, a sports trust or a sports charity:-

This is not an exhaustive checklist, but we hope it starts you thinking about the type of content and functionality that will be suit your website and best achieve the targets you have set for raising awareness, generating funds and creating dialogue with service users, volunteers, patrons and potential supporters.

Full content management system

Enabling you to update your site at any time by giving certain members of your team administrative rights over certain sections of the website.

News and Blogs

The latest news including notices, bulletins, reports, blogs, newsletters and any of your official magazines that can be ordered or downloaded online. You’ll be able to decide which news and blogs items can invite comments and you will be able to mange comments and moderation through the administrative area.

Member’s Area, Membership Fees and Membership Directory

We can set this up in a way that members add their own directory listings which are then send to you for approval before going live on the website. The directory listings can be open to anyone or password protected so that the listings can only be viewed by other members. We give you the ability to collect membership fees online and send out automatic membership renewal notices.

Calendar of Course, Main Events and Main Sporting Events Dates

This can take the form of a calendar that can be updated where events and courses are listed within that particular day with links to any news page or section of your site highlights the particular event.

Charity Donation System

If you are a registered Charity we can set up an online donation system with secure payments or set up links to any third party donation systems you may be using.

Online Shop

Shoppers from the UK bought £44 billion of goods online in 2010 spending more online than any other European country. We apply the level of time and professionalism required in building your online store in a way that best appeals to these shoppers in order to help grow solid revenues for your organisation.

Welsh Version of your Website and Ongoing Welsh Translation

We build your website in a way that gives you the ability to update your information as often as you need. If you’re running a Welsh/English dual language site then you will need to update both your Welsh and English versions. We can provide a full Welsh Translation service if required but we do not recommend an automated translation system.


We can build a sponsor’s section which highlights each of your sponsors and links to their own websites. If required, we can set out the design in such a way that sponsors can have their adverts placed in premium positions within your website.

Photo Gallery

We can build a great looking and easy to update picture gallery that enables you to post pictures to your website event by event. This is a great way to keep your service users up to date on all that is happening. We can show you how to optimise your images for the web as part of your initial training so that people in your organisation can maintain your photo galleries.

Video Section

We can build your site entirely on freeware allowing you to host videos of your past events or of your past television events. For larger websites we can integrate with global market leading multimedia platforms which have the capacity to provide delayed or live video streaming to high viewing national audiences and can provide you with everything required to deliver advertisers’ and sponsor’s content within these video streams if needed.

Recycling Schemes

You can set up and manage your recycling schemes such as ink cartridge recycling directly from your website. You can add postal addresses, update users on all those engaged in the scheme and produce data on recycling volumes achieved so that service users and participating organisations can see the difference that these schemes have made.

Charity Sports Events and Challenges

Including online enrolment to fun runs, marathons and other events that engage people in generating funds for you or for others. We can also include a schools section where teachers can organise school participation, post pictures and reports of school charity raising events and make donations online on behalf of their schools.

Media Centre

Through the website content management system, you can provide all details that you may wish to distribute to the media including media summaries and downloadable images. You can process media accreditation requests via online forms for access to this section of the website. Save valuable time by posting your media briefing statements online. These can be in a password protected area of your site and only accessed by those media organisations and journalists who have gained accreditation from you.

Athletes’ Profiles

Here we can feature profiles on the athletes that your trust sponsors or provides support to, giving you the ability to produce regular updates on their activities and achievements.

Athlete Sponsorship Schemes

News on your athlete sponsorship schemes and how to apply as well as links to the relevant government sponsorship schemes.

Development Academy

If your trust’s role is to develop athletes of the future then you may require then you may wish to publish a considerable amount of information about your work online. We can help by suggesting how to split this section into areas that can be accessed through the main navigation or through the sub navigation and the content management systems gives you the capacity to update these sections at any time.

Social Media

We can build social media buttons built into your site, setting up RSS news feeds from your site into various social media websites such as Facebook so that you  are communicating with a whole range of social media websites whenever you post news on your main website.

We can help you share image galleries with websites such as Flickr and the set up social media pages within Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and others and thereby maximizing your reach to previously un-tapped online markets as well as driving traffic back to your website.

Legends, Testimonials and Alumni

You can feature those prominent athletes who have been developed through your organisation as well as posting news on past Alumni and those major athletes who help promote your organisation. Updating people on Athletes’ successes can help inspire your service users and help encourage donations or participation in events you stage.

Volunteers Section

Many charities and trusts depend on volunteers as the life blood of their organisations and with your website we give you the platform to continually promote and encourage volunteering. We can set up volunteer application forms, specify requirements, encourage people to register for news and emails and you’ll be able to post news on volunteer vacancies at any time.

Quick Polls

You can engage your visitors with tools for creating, adding and monitoring instant polls anywhere on your website.

If you have any questions, or to find out more about our web design, web building or digital marketing services for Sports Charities, Sports Trusts and Young People’s Sports Groups please get in touch.
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