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Emails are a great way to communicate and are the most reliable direct channel for online marketing available to us today. With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, the explosion of online communities and the massive uptake in mobile interaction; email remains the preferred channel for permission based marketing and those who can master the discipline of sending the most relevant of emails at the optimum times will continue to win more business than those email campaigns with any other focus.

E-mail marketing campaigns, what we deliver

For sports clubs, golf clubs, online shops and sports and recreation businesses; email marketing is an essential part of overall online marketing campaigns and as such should be integrated with social media networking, online community websites, mobile marketing, membership and subscription marketing, fans base communications, media relations and customers’ online shopping activities.

Not only do we need to have well-presented, concise and inspiring email messages but we need to be delivering these messages at the right time and across multiple platforms (including SMS), to provide our customers, fans or members with content and communication that is precisely relevant to them in a time that coincides with their various levels of relationships with the business. In a highly competitive market we need to stand out from the plethora of unwanted promotional messages piling up in in-boxes and instead communicate with customers with highly relevant messaging that will help increase revenue. In today’s digital environment the consumer is in full control of which emails they receive, which emails they read and which emails they respond to.

Sporting Media develops, designs and manages email campaigns for our website design customers when required. We ensure that landing pages are constructed in a way that matches the promotional material within the emails sent, both in terms of branding and in terms of copy relevance. We ensure landing pages are concise and that they pull customers towards further calls to action.

We can provide templates that can be cut into your existing bulk-email provider or we integrate your email campaigns with specialist email delivery platforms that are best suited to your businesses based on:-

  • The types of emails you require such as real-time transactional messaging, membership marketing, customer follow-ups and subscriber offers
  • The monthly volume of messages you anticipate sending
  • The accuracy of delivery timing and the frequency of your communications
  • Any email responses required based on your customers’ website behavioural patterns
  • The level of tracking and reporting required
  • The level of technical and management support you require

We can help smaller businesses and new brands with cost effective email marketing solutions and we can work to exact briefs from established clubs and brands, to maximize personalized rates, improve social media integration, improve mobile media integration and maintain seamless email connectivity with your website during site development or rebuild.

Whether your goal is to help drive revenue, increase website traffic, build brand awareness or enhance customer experience; email marketing is the most efficient digital marketing medium and we provide a number of specialist email marketing services combining our depth of experience in sports marketing with the proven technical capabilities of the market leading email systems we deploy.

For more information or to find out more about our Email Marketing services and the ways in which we can help to transform your online marketing please get in touch.
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