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Sporting Media’s website marketing services include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns (PPC); Email Marketing campaigns; Press Releases; Blogs/News and Content Updates including SEO on all updates; on-going Social Media Management and Link Building.

We put together web marketing packages that include some, or all of the above mentioned activities. These are monthly service packages that can be changed at any time and the volume of work we undertake depends on your business needs, your competitors’ actions and the budgets you intend to allocate towards website marketing.

What we deliver when optimizing content

Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs, Sports Brands, Sports and Recreational Businesses and Sports Organisations continually need to deliver relevant and timely news and information to their customers, members, fans or service users and this content needs to be optimized in order for your site to be continually competing for high search engine rankings. As part of the website marketing packages we offer, we provide on-going Search Engine Optimisation of all the new content you produce for your website. We optimise all of your online press releases, blogs, social media postings, email marketing campaigns (and landing pages) and website news updates.

The are two main reason that your new content should always be optimized:- The first is that your new content must be well categorised with the search engines to continue to achieve high rankings. The second is that in today’s market, people can inquire about you, your product, service or activity across a number of search engines and social media platforms including Google, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and increasingly consumers decide to interact with you for the first time off site via mobile apps, Facebook Pages, Product Review sites and many others. The content you post to your website should be matched with supporting content across social media platforms and this content must also be optimised to ensure that it is read by the people most likely to be your target customers.

With media being consumed across so many different platforms now, it’s essential that our blogs, news updates and social media postings don’t just mean an improved brand awareness/brand sentiment score, but that they measurably add up to increased leads, memberships, fans, sales and profits. The first step in ensuring effective use of content is that we must be consistent in the relevance of the content that we produce across the website, social media platforms, email marketing campaigns and landing pages.

The discipline of producing new, interesting and relevant content, news, blogs, postings and comments is an on-going one. Many customers still believe that just by having a great new website design then that’s the end of the matter, people will read about them and will want to become customers, members, service users or fans. But a great website is just the start of your marketing campaign and well optimised, on-going news articles, blogs, forum postings and content updates will not only drive increased direct traffic to your website but will also help you build up valuable domain authority through back-links, which ultimately leads to siginificant higher search engine rankings.

Sporting Media lives and breathes website traffic generation through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Social Media Management, Content Optimisation, Email Marketing, Link-Building, Interaction with User Generated Content and Behavioral Analytics are part of what we do every day to make sure your site succeeds.

There are no short-cuts and these aren’t just ‘bolt-on’ skills and activities. Sometimes we recommend enterprise level third part software to ensure that the volume and breadth of your marketing campaigns are accommodated, we often recommend specialist third party agencies to assist with parts of the marketing mix, we work in partnership with a small number of the very best email campaign management systems and at all times we are dedicated to ensure that your site is marketing to your exact target audiences based on your brief and your targets for increased sales.

For more details on Content Optimisation and full website marketing packages including SEO, Link Building, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Email-Marketing and Social Media Marketing please get in touch.
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