‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO) can dramatically improve your search engine rankings and by doing so, produce extraordinary returns in terms of increased visitor traffic, increased turnover and increased awareness for your club, brand, business or organisation. Ethical Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of modifying or creating a website in such a way that it can be properly and effectively indexed by search engines. A large percentage of this process is identifying the key words and phrases that best explain your business so that the people who are searching for the services and products you provide, find you.

Key-word strategy is hugely significant, it requires a significant amount of trial and error and it needs to develop organically to fit in with your marketing campaigns, what your competitors are doing, your customer behaviour and many other external factors not least of which is the market value of certain key words in PPC advertising. Key words need to be built into your web content, your email campaigns and your social media content on a regular basis to achieve maximum impact with the search engines.

Here’s a checklist of some of the main SEO considerations for your website:-

  • Site Maps
  • Accessibility
  • Cross links
  • CSS Coding
  • URL Structure
  • Page structure
  • Site Navigation
  • Management of title tags (H1, H2s etc)
  • Hierarchical directory structure
  • Visible content
  • Meta Data
  • Text as close to top of code as possible
  • File and domain names
  • Text in and around hyperlinks
  • Alt text

Benefit of effective SEO work

The benefit of successful SEO is that the people who visit your site from the search engines are the ones who you really want to target and this produces exceptional results in terms of converting these visitors into paying customers. Depending on your marketing strategy, SEO can be targeted locally, nationally, or internationally on a country by country basis. Multi-lingual SEO is a highly specialized discipline based on understanding local knowledge and cultures as well as adopting bespoke translation services.

Search engines are now absolutely critical to your customers’ buying journeys, acting as the first and most used source for new product research and selection and your ranking  in natural search listings is therefore critical especially for brands and services that must compete in an increasingly cluttered market. Our SEO work is undertaken in-house, but for larger businesses with huge SEO requirements our partnership with one of the UK’s top and most respected SEO specialists gives us the opportunity to deliver to our web design customers a seamless service at a competitive rate, with proven award-winning results.


Our websites are driven by world-class Content Management Systems giving you the ability to add and revise content at any time. Our key SEO work is established during your website development when we collaborate with you to understand your marketing strategy and your target audience. As new content is added to your site, this too should be optimised and if you are updating your own content then we give you the basic tools to ensure that you can optimise this content as you go along. This is a cost effective way of keeping close to the search engines but for those who’s websites are critical to their business modules then on-going, professional SEO of all new content is essential and more details of our Content Optimisation Services can be see here.

SEO is an on-going process, it’s not just about targeting your customers, it’s about keeping a continual eye on your key competitors, your content and your search engine rankings to ensure that you reach and maintain optimum search prominence.For best results SEO needs to work in synergy with your Pay Per Click Advertising, your Social Media Marketing and your Email Marketing Campaigns  and we offer various on-going SEO services linked with overall website marketing packages depending on your exact requirements.

For more details on the SEO services and full website marketing services that we provide including Link Building, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Email-Marketing, Content Optimisation and Social Media Marketing please get in touch.
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