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Social Media Optimisation (SMO)  is the process of integrating your Social Media activity with your website’s Search Engine Optimisation for maximum search engine impact. As well as Social Media Optimisation itself, your presence across social media websites needs to be well though out, relevant, engaging, interesting to people and coordinated with your website marketing campaign. The presence you create within social media websites needs continual updating and when potential customers start to engage with your brands via social media you need to ensure that you acknowledge their interactions and respond to them.

For larger sports clubs and major brands we work to your marketing brief to deliver  increased results and to initialize new ways of interacting with your fans or customers. For smaller businesses or new brands we can help develop an effective Social Media presence at a budget that’s right for you.

What we can deliver within Social Media Marketing:

We can help you to:-

  • Harness Social Media for brand building with valuable, relevant and timely content
  • Engage with customers though Mobile Social Media
  • Build (or add value to) your Facebook, Linkedin, & Twitter marketing strategies
  • Capitalise on the strength of Location Based Marketing
  • Embrace Social Shopping – the new buyer influencers
  • Integrate your social media content with your website’s SEO stategy
  • Develop, engage and monitor Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns within social media networks

As well as providing mass coverage for your business; Social Media can deliver to specifically targeted audiences, on a consumer profile or consumer location basis. Facebook is THE internet giant with over 600 million users, 60 billion photos and over 45 million daily status updates. Facebook’s huge market penetration makes it as attractive a marketing vehicle to small local businesses as it is to global brands. As an example of the marketing opportunities available through social media, Facebook has ‘Deals’, a location based system offering great deals for Facebook users who ‘check-in’ to locations via the mobile version of the social network.  Here businesses can push offers ranging from discounts to free merchandise and loyalty schemes… all based on location.

For brands, not only do we focus on Social Media but we also invest a significant amount of time in working with product comparison sites such as Ciao from Bing. Comments on product comparison sites can come from a huge number of sources…anything from bona fide online journalists to individual bloggers with a grudge. Making your brand more accessible online gives you the chance to lead the debate, and significantly improves your search engine optimisation at the same time.

As with all marketing, results are based largely on the amount of time and effort invested into ongoing communication with your targeted groups and Social Media marketing really delivers when businesses and brands start asking customers what they want. Sporting Media can help build and implement your Social Media Strategy incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linked-in, Ciao from Bing and other selected social media networks most significant to your particular market, including advertising and marketing within exclusive invitation only networks such as ‘A Small World’.

For bigger brands or businesses we can work with key strategic partners to deliver best-in-class enterprise software that enables us (or you) to create a global (or local) social media presence across multiple social platforms, stakeholders, and agencies with reduced complexity and risk, providing the ability to build, manage and measure your social media marketing, all from one place.

In a nutshell, our social media marketing services will promote your brands, clubs and businesses within influential sites most relevant to you in terms of  generating new site visitors, e-commerce sales, ticket sales, membership sales, new customer leads and a hightened brand awareness. The objectives are to encourage your Social Media users and contacts to participate, comment on things you like, proliferate posts you approve of and encourage others to proliferate your posts. It is in following that you may become followed. By commenting, people are more likely to take an interest in what you say and more likely to become aware of what your offering.

The benefits are huge, but Social Media Marketing does not maintain itself, it demands a commitment of time and you need to nominate a team of people to make regular posts, to manage your presence and to encourage others to keep talking, participating and responding.

Sporting Media provides a full range of Social Media services including consultancy, initial set-ups on most relevant websites, Social Media Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, integration with your overall online and off-line campaigns, regular content generation, content monitoring and interaction with participants. For more information or to find out more about our Social Media services please get in touch.
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