Web Production Process


With nearly 20yrs of publishing and marketing experience working for some of the world’s biggest brands our development cycles have evolved in a way that ensures the shortest possible production times, the best brand synergy, the best communication processes and the highest quality results.

Discovery Stage

Learning about the functionality and content you require from your website, the type of customers or service users you target, the volumes of traffic you anticipate. Finding out how you plan to market your website and how you plan to manage the site and update your content on an ongoing basis.

The Project Outline

The Project Outline together with full cost quotation is drawn up. The quotation is broken down into various solution options relating to levels of functionality and volumes of traffic anticipated.

Setting the Project Scope

We start by getting right into the detail of understanding your business, your approach and your full requirements. This can be done by telephone or preferably in person, location permitting.

As well as getting to the core of your business and your brand image, we map out your full user requirements including:-

  • The volumes of traffic you need to provide capacity for
  • The types of media you are delivering such as news, pictures and videos
  • The type of functionality you offer such as membership systems, online booking systems, Internet shopping and ticket sales
  • Your targets for creating meaningful dialogue with customers and potential customers

Depending on your project and its requirements we will then identify the best technical solutions for your website, the platform that your website should be built on and best options for keeping the site updated. Once the project is broken down in detail we identify the resources involved, and present a timeline for delivery, we will agree the project management and approval processes with you and set out a full Service Agreement.

Learning more from you


Our respective teams are identified, you are allocated a dedicated project manager and we ask you to nominate people in your organisation who should work with to gather the information and content we require and who in your organisation signs off on the work.

Creative Discussion

At this point we take time out from looking at the functionality and content of your site to question the creative elements which include the way you want your website to look, the type of people your targeting, your brand image and values and how you want these values shine through from your website.

Reaching your audience

Having studied your customer profiles and your target audience we set out how we can best reach these people with the greatest amount of success and the least amount of cost. As part of this process we consult with you on your most important key search words and phrases together with the presentation of your text and headings to ensure maximum impact for your site via organic search.

Production – First Stage

Depending on the size of the project we produce page layouts, wire frames or interactive prototypes.

Wire frames

This is where we take your website, page by page and draft out how it will look in simple space blocks. It gives you the ability to see the site architecture that we build and the exact sizes of each part of your pages. The wire frame gives you the chance to make changes before we start working in pixels.


For larger projects we produce a prototype of the new website. This normally contains various key pages of the site and some of the navigation to ‘proof of concept’ for user testing purposes and to get a real feel of how the website will look and work.

‘User Experience’ Tests

For larger projects where we produce prototypes we also build working step-by-step stages of user activity on core processes such as shopping carts and membership activation so that we can be sure each step is in keeping with what we want from the website and to ensure there’s the fewest possible ‘barriers to action’.

Production – Creative Stage

With Page Layouts, Wire frames or Protoypes presented and agreed it’s time for creative design to take over.

In this stage, depending on project size, our creative team presents template pages, usually in photoshop or fireworks, which are based on our early discussions where we will have taken a full brief from you as to how you want your site to look. We usually present with three different creative approaches and we don’t move on from this point until you are happy and excited about the creative direction.

For smaller projects we can lead the way taking you through the creative process and for major brands we can take your full brief on styles, fonts, logo policies and house colours.

Production – Web Development Stage

Once site architecture, functionality, content and design have been agreed and tweaked where necessary we start the Web Development Stage, which amounts to the technical build and integration with any third party functionality providers.

At this point, for larger projects we also deliver a style guide for future reference.

For all projects we ensure that organic search is extremely well serviced working on your key words and key phrases, headings and text content to ensure maximum organic search impact for your site.

Included in this stage is all web testing, web access testing, cross-browser compatibility, multi-platform testing and dealing with any client questions.

All web development is conducted within a password protected area.

If your domain name is being used with your old website then we will develop your new site within one of our own online domain areas so that your old website remains fully active until the newly developed site is finished and signed off. Once signed off, we then swap out your old site for your new site, usually overnight so that there is minimal interruption to your online presence.

Website Launch – Delivery and Guarantee

Once your website has been built and fully tested we deliver the site to you with our full guarantee as outlined in your Service Agreement.

We want our customers to be able to update their websites and to be confident in making changes within the site on a regular basis and to have someone to fall back on if they make errors. We believe that ongoing client feedback is essential, that functionality is as important as design and that quality is non-negotiable.

Part of our guarantee is that during the hand-over stage, we continue to provide full support with no additional charges, for the time period set within your Service Agreement.

Following the hand over of the web site, we will also continue to support main browser compatibility for 2 years without you needing to sign up to any of our ongoing support and maintenance packages.

If you have any questions about our web design services and the production processes involved or to find out more please get in touch.
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